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All music is sound, but not all sound is music. All sound is vibration, but not all vibration is sound.

Of course, without vibration we would not exist. Everything, including ourselves has a frequency, measured in Hz (cycles per second). When all our frequencies are balanced (known as entrainment),we are at ease. Dis-ease occurs when we are 'out of tune', rather like an instrument in the orchestra.
Joachim Ernst-Berendt says: "Entrainment is universal in is a physical phenomenon, but also is more than that, because it informs about the tendency of everything that vibrates - in other words to swing together, to lock in. It informs us of the universe to share rhythms, that is, to vibrate in harmony."
Chris Brewer describes the iso principle: "It's one of the most natural and intuitive techniques for moving into a new rhythm. With the iso principle, a change in tempo and mood is accomplished by entraining to the present mood and slowly altering the pace into the desired direction....rather than a quick change to a fast or dynamic mood, the use of the iso principle moves the mood gradually, almost unnoticeably into a different state."
Hearing is the first sense that develops in the womb. By the fifth month of pregnancy, the cochlea of the foetus's ear is fully developed. According to nurses, hearing is the last sense to leave before death. Of all the sensory organs, the ear is the most intricate.
Music and sound are perceived first by our ears and bodies. The ear is the healing organ and also the organ of balance. To be healed is to be in balance.


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Once the mind is still, truth will have a chance to be heard in the purity of silence. Sri Aurobindo 

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