Phil's Bio

Did your music teacher say you were 'tone-deaf'? This, of course, can be damaging as well as being a judgement using a corrupt form of music. In Phil's case, however, it led to the first of three life-changing experiences. By the age of 13, it was clear that music was going to be his profession........being tone-deaf had tranformed into a musical ear! Subsequent studies in flute, piano and composition at the Northern School of Music brought the award of GNSM, followed by a postgraduate year at Padgate College of Education, culminating in a PGCE in Music in Education.

Some years teaching in schools followed, including conducting and composing, before Phil was struck with Glandular Fever and then ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).......his second life-changing experience.

For the next few years, full-time work was impossible, but a door was opened to external examining for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Phil was also awarded first prize in the Horatio   Albert Lumb competition for his Conversations for Flute and Piano (1992). More  information on compositions and arrangements is available at

Fast forward to 1999.............Phil's third life-changing experience was a spiritual awakening, thanks to Joyce Alsop, a spiritual healer living in Mid Wales. His journey included attunements as a Reiki Master and Magnified Healing. Now Phil is aware of the healing possibilities of sacred sound, researching as well as giving workshops. He studies gonging with Gong master Don Conreaux.

Memberships: Incorporated Society of Musicians, Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain and Musicians' Union.