What is Sacred Sound?

Sacred sound refers to a variety of practices in which music and sound are used to increase health, well-being, and a balanced sense of harmony, for individuals and for communities. It facilitates an awareness of integration and wholeness.

Drawing on many world cultures and spiritual traditions, sacred sound practices encompass music's ability to calm and soothe, as well as sound's capacity to awaken, balance, and energise. Spiritually therapeutic, sacred sound practices are varied and universal.

Music has been proven to reduce physical pain and to relieve emotional suffering. Spiritually, music can relieve stress and help transcend life's challenges. Music, as well as certain sacred sound practices, can help us concentrate and bring clarity to our lives. Sacred sound traditions also focus on increasing and balancing energy flow within the body, which can result in a release of new creativity and an openness to fresh possibilities.

As well as those undergoing medical treatment, anyone who is experiencing the normal ebb and flow of life can benefit from the use and practice of sacred sound.

Sacred sound creates sacred space. Like prayer, it connects us with the sacred source of life, bringing a sense of divine love and care. This awareness of the sacred connects us in profound ways to the divine, as well as to those around us. Spiritually, this sense of sacred connection can result in feelings of peace and assurance, comfort and solace, a deeper trust and sense of well-being.