What some people have said about Resound..........

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend and beautiful workshop. How well we all blended and learned and shared together. There was a wonderful energy and healing space and you, dear Phil, are responsible for creating that opportunity. Information was shared in a gentle, loving way, making it so enjoyable and accessible to each one of us. The Gongbath - so utterly unexpected, pure magic. The weekend was of great help and I look forward to the next. Lesley, Reflexologist & Reiki Master

 Brilliant, awesome. A must-have experience for all those wanting to bathe in sound, with its power to heal and transform blockages. Diana, Sound Healing Practitioner

 Just wanted to let you know what a profound experience the Gong Bath was yesterday, I was so glad we came. Jan, Reiki Master

 Thank you for a wonderful experience on Sunday. I came to the event knowing I needed to recharge my batteries and thinking it might be quite interesting to see your presentation!! I guess that's a complete understatement. It was fantastic to be on the receiving end of such powerful sound healing. Barbara, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

 It was great to connect with you last weekend. I found the Gongs to bring much needed peace to my rather chaotic lifestyle! Absolutely life changing! Julie, Reiki Master

I've had a wonderful Gong bath with Phil Leah of Philresound. You don't get wet as you bathe in sound. It is like a very deep and lasting massage where you receive the sound energy of the gong. I highly recommend the experience! Suzanne, Crystal Healer

I wanted to thank you for a wonderfully therapeutic Gong bath on Friday...I was on a bit of a high going home! I have felt an upsurge of energy this weekend and feel generally more settled in myself. I am so grateful to you and to the power that led me to you and your heavenly sounds. Wendy

I have attended a number of gong baths and have found them all to be profound, beautiful, spiritual experiences. During the gong bath, you are bathed in waves of beautiful sound from the gongs which have the power to melt away stress and tension and leave you feeling deeply relaxed to the point where I often fall asleep during the gong bath! Phil is a highly talented musician and I am amazed at the range of instruments he is able to play throughout the gong bath. I would highly recommend his gong baths to anyone who is stressed and looking for a relaxing, beautiful spiritual experience, and a good night's sleep afterwards!   Roy, Holistic Therapist

What a fabulous evening it was at Bromsgrove... the energies were amazing, I felt so energised and grounded when I left. Jayne, Complementary Therapist

Thanks for an amazing Gong bath immersion at Wonderland.....the energy current of oneness was truly felt. Fee, Energy Worker

Phil's passion for and communication of his sacred sound is powerful and inspirational.   To experience the resonance within the body is a unique and truly healing sensation.  You do literally "bathe" in this resonance, transcending time and space, accessing a peace and void where true healing can take place.   In a noisy discordant world the senses cry out for this ancient balm for the soul.  Phil is very gifted. Fiona, Reiki Master

Managed to attend Phil's Gong bath last night. It was cellular bliss, really lifted the darkest day. Debbie, KaiAmea Therapist

I would like to say a very big thank you to you Phil, for your amazing energy, skill, commitment and enthusiasm at every joyful gong bath experience. I cannot forget to mention your lovely welcoming manner and hugs that created such a safe warm atmosphere for everyone who attended. Your gong baths have definitely given me healing when I need it, and have had an impact on my spiritual wellbeing and development, this must be said for many others too, I know. Tony 

I did enjoy meeting you and for me the healing was wonderful.  I felt the effects immediately (I had a job walking in a straight line for a while!),and have slept much better since. I wish you well in your wonderful work, you are truly gifted. April

Thank you so much for your time  and guidance during my therapy which was as lovely and refreshing as ever and as I purchased your CD (a couple of years back) I will continue to use it as a calming meditation. Nikki

When I had the gong bath it was as if someone had placed their warm hands under my neck and shoulders which was really comforting, although it should have felt a bit weird! It soothed my neck and since then my neck has been much improved. It's a mysterious situation but I thought I'd let you know as it was amazing. Suzie 

I've felt so energised since my wonderful gong shower! It really has made a difference. Things are flowing better.....I'm feeling more confident and calmer! Thank you! Gerry 

Thank you for the Sound bath, it was such an incredible experience. I am still feeling flutters from the intense vibrations. It was almost a 'regressional' experience. I was thrown to my childhood with some sounds. I felt connections with my past experiences in previous existence, if this is at all possible. It was sensational! Thank you for your time and energy. Amber