"Like a butterfly emerging,

Blessed be the Sound of the Heart,

I am the Sound and the Energy"

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If you haven't seen my Wise Words page recently, there's a few additions.

 Here's a Pythagorean description:

 Pythagoras distinguished three sorts of music in his philosophy: to use the nomenclature of a later era, musica instrumentalis, the ordinary music made by plucking the lyre, blowing the pipe, and so forth; musica humana, the continuous but unheard music made by each human organism, especially the harmonious (or inharmonious) resonance between the soul and the body; and musica mundana, the music made by the cosmos itself, which would come to be known as the music of the spheres. Jamie James 


I'm so excited.......for the first Soundblog I'd like to share with you details of the latest member of my Gong family! 

According to Gongmaster Don Conreaux, Chiron is musical note D# (151.20Hz),colour yellow, rules Virgo.

Character: Initiation

Keywords: Non-traditional healing methods, alchemy, vision, destiny, self-sacrifice, animal power, integrity, strength, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, dependability, unconventionality and craftiness.

Basic Function: Chiron is the wounded healer, a catalyst to help us access our deepest wounds so that we may move forward with strength, compassion and wisdom to achieve our true identity.